IT and Telecommunications Law

Lawyers in Law office Protić are providing legal help in the field of IT and telecommunication law and high-tech criminal proceedings. This specific new area of law requires multidimensional approach because of very specific problems, means of proof and legislation. This is why in such cases it is necessary to consult experts in this field. Problems which appear in are next:

  • Regulation of permits and approvals for building telecommunication infrastructure and providing telecommunication services
  • Representation before the regulatory agencies in cases of obtaining approvals
  • Representation during negotiations, counseling and drafting telecommunication services contracts
  • Counseling regarding general terms of telecommunication services usage and regulation of procedures regarding end users relations
  • Disputes regarding providing telecommunication services
  • Disputes regarding Internet domain usage
  • Contracts and representation in negotiations regarding the telecommunication contracts – telecommunication capacity rents, IPLC, IP transit, SLA agreements…
  • Legal counseling and representation in cases of software authors’ rights protection, licenses for software usage, regulation of licenses of other copyright holders and representation in negotiations
  • Representation and counseling in other proceedings related to high-tech and IT law.

Lawyers who practice within this field are:

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