Law office Protić, founded in Belgrade in 1996 by attorney Slobodan Protić, has been engaged in providing legal help to both citizens and legal entities, representing before the court and other state authorities, legal counseling, as well as all other activities required for resolving legal problems.

Field of our expertise is among others, criminal, civil, corporate law, and IT and telecommunications law.

Both lawyers and law practitioners are working in office, and occasionally other experts are being engaged for the purpose of efficient resolving some particular cases.

You can contact us, if you need legal help in the following fields:

  • Criminal Law (representing client before the court, representing the victim of criminal act or private claimant, in criminal or prior proceedings in the cases of traditional, economy, organized and high tech crime…)
  • Law of Obligations (contracts and representing in negotiations regarding contract closures, debt collections, compensation of material and non material damage… )
  • Inheritance Law (inheritance, drafting wills, lifelong support contracts, as well as representation in such cases, disputes regarding division of inheritance…)
  • Family Law (matrimony disputes, premarital contracts, divorces and disputes regarding the division of properties and parental rights…)
  • Property Law (real estates, transfer of ownership, possession disturbance, legalization of real estates, representation in front of administration authorities in the process of gathering all permissions for building and registration of property …)
  • Labor Law (labor contracts, dismissals, labor contract rights, severance pays, technological surplus programs …)
  • Corporate Law (foundation of legal entities and companies, legislation compliance, statutory changes, mergers and takeovers of legal entities, internal legal acts, investments…)
  • IT and Telecommunications Law (protection of authors’ rights on software, representation in negotiations and regulation of permissions and approvals for building telecommunication infrastructure and telecommunication services, representing before regulatory agencies, drafting telecommunication service contracts, regulation of procedures regarding end user relations, disputes regarding providing services, rent of telecommunications capacity, IPLC, IP transit, SLA agreements…)

In every of these particular cases, you can contact us informatively and you will get evaluation of legal situation along with assessment of dispute success, expences and its duration, all by the rules lege artis and in the client’s best interest, based on which you can assess whether engaging in particular legal case is in your best interest.


Law office Protić