Criminal Law

Lawyers in Law office Protić are providing legal help in the field of criminal law by:

  • Initiating criminal proceedings by submitting criminal charges and private criminal claims.
  • Counseling and defending client in criminal and prior proceedings, in the cases of classic, economic, organized and high-tech crime.
  • Filling appeals and other remedies against decisions of courts and other authorities.
  • Representing victims of criminal act during proceedings.
  • Representing clients in proceedings of gaining reimbursement of material and non-material damage caused by criminal actions.
  • Representing in cases of compensation of damage caused by unlawful arrest.
  • Representing in cases of release of convicted person on parole.
  • Representing in cases of rehabilitation and termination of legal consequences of conviction.
  • Representing in all other criminal proceedings.

Lawyers in office who practice within this field are:

Basic law sources: